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We admit we were hugely skeptical that Faraday Future would ever make a bona fide EV, but here we are. Granted, the EV startup unveiled a pre-production version of the FF91, but it’s pretty damned close to what should be the real deal when it goes into production by the end of this year. Power comes from three electric motors for a whopping 1,050 horsepower to all four wheels. The range of the crossover-style EV on a full charge will be 350+ miles along with DC fast-charging capability. Inside, there will be as many as 11 hi-res displays, including a ginormous 27-inch screen for rear occupants and 17-inchers for front occupants. (You still have to drive it). Look out Tesla and Lucid Motors. It looks like the FF91 is really happening. You’ll just have to pony up $180k to get one.


We love all things whisk(e)y, especially one that breaks the mold.  Keeper’s Heart combines Irish and American whiskey to create a unique spirit unlike any other. Master Distiller Brian Nation (formerly of Jameson / Midleton / Redbreast) teamed up with David Perkins (High West Distillery founder) to create an Irish + American whiskey blend that that expertly brings together the smooth and rich character of Irish whiskey with bold and flavorful American rye to create a whiskey that’s perfect for any occasion. Learn more about Keeper’s Heart and pick up your bottle of this unique whiskey today.