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Add a little playful whimsy to your home with the fully modular Tetris Couch. Designed by Sarah Hayat, this oversized couch is made up of removable parts allowing users to reconfigure the design to their liking. Hayat was inspired by her children’s love for playing and building when she created the Tetris Couch. You too can craft couch forts and unique sofa configurations as you pull apart and rebuild your furniture. Despite the blocky shapes, it’s built for comfort. Each piece sports different fabrics like leather, velvet, and suede and all the stitching is all done by hand. Additionally, each piece is fully unique and colors will vary with each couch. Pricing is available upon request.


When it comes to watches that combine quality, design, durability and affordability, there’s no better value proposition than VAER’s C5 Field Watch. As they put it–and we agree–the rugged-yet-refined collection offers a guaranteed waterproof warranty, scratchproof sapphire crystal, USA-built Ameriquartz movement, C1 SuperLuminova, and your choice of two interchangeable straps. We hesitate throwing around the “best ever” moniker when it comes to anything, but it fits in the case of this watch. Even better, pricing starts at only $209 for quartz or $449 for automatic movements, with free US shipping and returns. What are you waiting for? Get your VAER Watch today.