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Todd Snyder + Champion–aka Champion by Todd Snyder–is the menswear collaboration that defines all other menswear collaborations for at least the past handful of years because of the combination of Champion classics with Todd Snyder’s refined cuts and silhouettes. Now, for the first time ever, the one-and-only Harley-Davidson has allowed an outside designer into their Milwaukee archives to create the limited-edition Harley-Davidson x Champion by Todd Snyder collection you see here. One look at this collection is all it takes to let you know that you probably want every single piece, and there aren’t many other pieces they could have possibly pulled. The Harley-Davidson x Champion by Todd Snyder collection includes tees, sweaters, half-zips, truckers, motor jackets, hats, chore coats, cardigans, camp collar button-ups, shop shirts, and full-on coveralls. There’s a modern take on a piece of vintage motoring history for every style, occasion, and person. All the items in the collection are available for pre-order now and expected to ship around the end of March.


We love all things whisk(e)y, especially one that breaks the mold.  Keeper’s Heart combines Irish and American whiskey to create a unique spirit unlike any other. Master Distiller Brian Nation (formerly of Jameson / Midleton / Redbreast) teamed up with David Perkins (High West Distillery founder) to create an Irish + American whiskey blend that that expertly brings together the smooth and rich character of Irish whiskey with bold and flavorful American rye to create a whiskey that’s perfect for any occasion. Learn more about Keeper’s Heart and pick up your bottle of this unique whiskey today.