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Few cars are more striking and iconic than the original 1962 Shelby Cobra. Red X Thread used that gorgeous automobile as inspiration for their own take on “The Original,” the limited-edition luxe bomber sweater you see here. The 100% cotton fleece sweater is expertly crafted in Canada with a mid-century inspired cut and a heavy weight perfect for driving around in a car without a top. The striking blue exterior is complimented with Shelby patches and branding (it’s an officially licensed Shelby product!) along with large pockets adorned with grommets  and heavy-duty hardware. Get yours today.


We love all things whisk(e)y, especially one that breaks the mold.  Keeper’s Heart combines Irish and American whiskey to create a unique spirit unlike any other. Master Distiller Brian Nation (formerly of Jameson / Midleton / Redbreast) teamed up with David Perkins (High West Distillery founder) to create an Irish + American whiskey blend that that expertly brings together the smooth and rich character of Irish whiskey with bold and flavorful American rye to create a whiskey that’s perfect for any occasion. Learn more about Keeper’s Heart and pick up your bottle of this unique whiskey today.