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Wireless charging will soon go large scale thanks to the partnership between Continental tire and tech startup Volterio. The result is more than just a charging pad. It’s an actual robot that sits on the floor of the garage and lines up with the underbody portion that connects to your car. The two pieces communicate with each other, and the charging commences. The best part is the fact that charging efficiency isn’t diminished due to the fact that there is a physical connection. Better than inductive charging, tremendously convenient, and incredibly ingenious, the Charging Robot is planned for production, but no date has been disclosed.

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Break from the norm and protect your iPhone with a case that is uniquely yours with a PITAKA Fusion Weaving Case. The Fusion Weaving MagEZ  Case 2 is lightweight, ultra-slim,  built with MagSafe capacity, and crafted from fusion-weaving aramid fiber, which is five times stronger than steel but much lighter. The brand-new fusion weaving designs easily takes fashion to the next level. There are four design patterns to choose from to fit your personal style:  Overture, Rhapsody, Concerto, and Sonata.  No matter witch one you choose,  PITAKA cases simply look better and protect better.