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Vollebak has yet again reinforced its legacy as one of the premier apparel brands. By using precise engineering and clothing construction, the brand is able to produce futuristic, virtually indestructible garments. Take their latest release for example. While it might sound like a far-off dream, Vollebak is preparing for inter-planetary travel with the Mars Collection. This set includes the Mars Jacket and Mars Pants. Available in two color options, the durable and tear-resistant set is made from ballistic nylon so the outershell can withstand all that space might throw at you. Additionally, Vollebak built this combo with the rigors and challenges of space travel in mind. As such, there are anti-gravity pockets so your valuables will stay safe no matter where you might be floating. Plus, there’s even a vomit pocket should space adaptation syndrome get the best of you. The Mars Jacket and Pants go on sale today for a retail price of $995.

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Break from the norm and protect your iPhone with a case that is uniquely yours with a PITAKA Fusion Weaving Case. The Fusion Weaving MagEZ  Case 2 is lightweight, ultra-slim,  built with MagSafe capacity, and crafted from fusion-weaving aramid fiber, which is five times stronger than steel but much lighter. The brand-new fusion weaving designs easily takes fashion to the next level. There are four design patterns to choose from to fit your personal style:  Overture, Rhapsody, Concerto, and Sonata.  No matter witch one you choose,  PITAKA cases simply look better and protect better.